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PLEASE NOTE: Before you purchase a Bearded Dragon from Upscalz Classic Dragons, please be sure that it is the Dragon you want. As soon as a Dragon has been shipped out and received, I cannot control the methods and circumstances of the Dragons care, feeding, housing, unsanitary conditions, and exposure to other Dragons. Due to this, under no circumstances can a Dragon be exchanged or returned for refund, ALL sales are final once the Dragon is shipped and leaves my care. 

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: My Live Arrival Guarantee guarantees that your Dragon arrives alive. I ship all Bearded Dragons FedEx Priority Overnight through Reptiles2You. You MUST be present to accept delivery in person from the FedEX delivery person’s hands and open the box and remove the Dragon immediately! Sometimes, FedEx will leave the box sitting on a doorstep without even ringing the doorbell! Your dragon MUST NOT be left on a doorstep AT ALL, EVER, due to extreme heat or cold that could kill it in a very short time! You must be waiting and looking out for the FedEx truck to arrive, they usually arrive no later than 10:30 a.m. but I’ve had instances where they didn’t arrive until 1:00 in the afternoon! I will provide you with a tracking number via a photograph sent to your phone the day your dragon ships out. Track the number and wait for the FedEx truck to arrive, you must notify me immediately if there is any problem with the delivery arrival from FedEx. In very, very, very rare instances a Bearded Dragon may arrive deceased in the box, again this is extremely rare. But, if this were to happen, to be eligible for a refund, I must be notified PROMPTLY, by Text or Phone call at 208-830-8198 with accompanying Photos of the deceased Dragon, within 15 minutes of FedEx arrival time, FedEx arrival time will show on my computer here. If you notify me any later than this, I will assume that you left the box unattended on the doorstep and that the animal died from exposure to heat or cold. If you do not receive the Dragon directly from the FedEx delivery person’s hands and open it immediately as agreed, no refund will be given. 

HEALTH GUARANTEE: I guarantee the health of your Dragon, it is very rare for a baby Dragon to become sick, but I do understand these things can happen. If your Dragon falls ill within 3 weeks of delivery and you have faithfully followed the recommended care sheet, please contact me immediately upon onset of sickness. The animal must be returned to me ASAP, at my expense, for veterinary/medical treatment , and I will refund the purchase price of the Dragon, (not the shipping cost).

Health Guarantee: Warranty Disclaimer
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